Tyrkiske film i Kulturium Biograf

Vi viser løbende tyrkiske film i biografen. Filmene er på originalsprog med engelske undertekster. Se hvilke film vi viser herunder.

Kutsal Damacana 4_poster

Fredag den 28. april kl. 19

Kutsal Damacana 4
Fikret is invited to the Vatican after the success he shows in exorcism in Turkey. Fikret, who shakes things up in the Vatican too, has to return to Turkey. Upon returning to Turkey, Fikret employs his former assistant Asım and gets into the business of exorcism and chasing the demons away. He makes an arrangement with a real estate agent; he makes the property owners sell their houses for cheap and gets a commission. Fikret, who gets by through sma...
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Cakallarla Dans 6_poster

Fredag den 26. maj kl. 19

Cakallarla Dans 6
Our team: Gokhan, Necmi, Servet, Hikmet… After trying to get rich and embarking upon unsuccessful adventures for many years, now they are all unemployed and completely broke. A letter from Fatma’s estranged sister Manolya creates a new ray of hope for our group. Manolya is getting married in Kos Island and she wants to have her sister Fatma and our group by her side on this happy day. She sends them an invitation, along with plane tickets. Gokhan has been...
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Baris Akarsu “Merhaba”_poster

Fredag den 16. juni kl. 19

Baris Akarsu “Merhaba”
Barış Akarsu “Merhaba” tells the story of Barış Akarsu who made a name for himself in the entire country after winning a singing contest and died at an early age due to a tragic traffic accident.